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    PropertyGrid Problems

    I do have to say... the propertygrid has proved to be both the most useful AND the most annoying control I have EVER used.... and I've been using vb since vb3.... (spyworks has ultimately been the coolest control-set ever. )
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    Text problem

    might want to change that + to an &..... always good to use & when concatenating strings...
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    Trying to Deploy my App ?

    knowing which error message you get might help alot ;)
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    PropertyGrid Problems

    ergh... nevermind... as always, I've messed something up on my own... I started a new project, called it "test", implemented some new classes, and it worked like a charm... god knows why I couldn't get it working in my old project... I've really gotta learn the KISS rule... (keep it simple...
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    Setting up directx

    gpmaker: you may be interested in the following: (YES, this is a shameless plug) ... it's a nice, easy to use directx wrapper... works in vb6, and the new version that's coming out soon has built in physics based on the newton physics engine (/w joints...
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    PropertyGrid Problems

    heh... well yah... that was just a test though... I've got many classes that need to be converted to work with the propertygrid control... that was just an example... I've also already tried '<TypeConverter(GetType(ExpandableObjectConverter))> _' and it has the same limitations that my code...
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    PropertyGrid Problems

    I'm hoping that there's someone here who has some extensive experience with the PropertyGrid control.... I've been trying to figure out this problem for the past 4 days, and all I'm hitting is roadblocks.... I'm writing an editor for some developers, and attempting to use the propgrid as a...
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