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    convert from c#

    I have HTML markup which working fine in c#: return "<span style=\"background-color:yellow;\">" + "</span>"; when I try to convert to in code behind script: return "<span style=\"background-color:yellow\">" + "</span>" I get error: name 'yellow' is not declared
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    ASP.NET does not work with Visual Studio Enterprise Developer 2003

    ASP.NET worked fine with trial version Visual Studio .NET 2003. Now we bought and I installed Visual Studio Enterprise Developer 2003 on my second PC. VB.NET works fine. When I tried to create a new ASP.NET Web Application, I got ASP.NET version mismatch dialog box: Visual Studio .NET has...
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    Problems with Declarations

    Do this: MeleeSpecials(0) = New SpecialAbilities("string1", integer1) MeleeSpecials(1) = New SpecialAbilities("string2", integer2) MeleeSpecials(2) = New SpecialAbilities("string3", integer3)
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    resizing controls on a form during runtime

    You should use Resize event for the control to programmatically change Width and Height property for the control.
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    Overload and Overridable methods

    Is it possible to make the same method Overload and Overridable in derived class at the same time? There is conflict between these 2 keywords.
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    Custom Main Menu control

    Thank you Paszt. It works fine!
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    Custom Main Menu control

    I have a number of forms with almost identical menus. I want to create a Main Menu that has the common items on it, and then copy and paste the control to other forms. How can I implement it?
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