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    Using Two Dates To Return Data

    Hi Well basically, a user enters a date into a textbox, and another date into another, I want a lable to display how many records (or rows) of information there are, between those dates. Below is a start, but I am quite new and this coding doesnt work really, but I have given it my best shot...
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    Information to appear when ID is clicked (CR)

    Kind of new to crystal reports, so forgive me if this is simple. Basically, all the information from a DB is displayed in rows, however when I click an ID of a row on the crystal report viewer, I get a blank page, for example it willl say preview 37, but theres no content on there and I really...
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    Automatic E-mail

    Hi people Well basically I want to send a e-mail when a button is clicked, the e-mail will contain the same information each time (no changes required) and only be sent to two people each time (to keep it simple) Does anyone know the coding to do this?
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    Require some opinions, new to database

    Hi people Basically I have designed an application, this application has 2 purposes Allow users (around 50) to submit problems, which are then stored in a database Show administrators (me) the data which has been inputted, and to allow data (rows) to be deleted and manipulated via a form...
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    Storing Data in a database

    Yeah, its my fault due to being a noob with databases, its confusing because it mentions datasets and data sources:confused: , im just using an Acess Database to try & keep it simple :rolleyes: I have been using however I cant insert a record into...
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    Storing Data in a database

    Thanks, im looking through the info, although its soo confusing lol :o
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    Telling Lst's to display imported data (simple)

    Hi Thanks for that, I managed to figure it out anyway, however it is only importing 2 lines, any idea how to import everything? Edit: I can import everything now, its a problem with another piece of coding, however It wont let me import numbers, it just comes up with an error
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    Telling Lst's to display imported data (simple)

    HI Below is the coding, I have finally been able to extra data from a MS Acess database and make it display in text boxes, however I tried switching to list boxes and it totally doesnt work, below the code: Imports System.Data.OleDb Public Class ProblemForm Inherits...
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    Storing Data in a database

    Hi People Basically, I thought it would be interesting to learn how to store data into a MS Access database (as I have never implemented this before) I have looked at several programming websites, however they just talk about creating a database. I have three textboxes, and I want the data...
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    Flash & VB.NET

    Hi I have been thinking more and more about including flash on standard appz (not web based on anything) anyone got a tutorial on how to do this.
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    Temporarily Storing data & Percentages

    any help please :rolleyes:
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    Temporarily Storing data & Percentages

    I modded that slighty, but Ive managed to get it to work, and im not familiar with classes, please could you guide me a little, thanks ps. for example when I have calculate 10 lots of info, I want to be able to click a button and it should appear in another interface within a rtxt
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    Temporarily Storing data & Percentages

    Hi everyone, I need help regarding two question 1. I need to deduct 27% off a value, which is constanetly changing depending of the numbers entered within the calculation. When I try to do this, it takes off 27, rather than 27% of the value 2. Each time I hit the 'Calculate' button, a name...
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