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    How to hide the contents input in webform textbox?

    Dear frens, I have created a login page with two textboxes for users to key in their username n password. I have also a submit button with the following codes: Dim myConnection As SqlConnection myConnection = New SqlConnection(encryptConn.DecryptConnectionString()) myConnection.Open() Dim...
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    Will this code statement directly get a kerberos token from the server?

    My web service .asmx file has this function that validates a token to make sure it is a kerberos token. Public Function ValidateToken() As Boolean If TypeOf sigTok Is KerberosToken Then 'The logged in user is checked against the Kerberos Key Distribution Center(KDC). Return...
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    Problems with kerberos authentication.

    I have this source code listed below. When I run the application I will get message error saying: The kerberos ticket cannot be retrieved.The RetriveKerbTicket call failed with the following message: There are currently no logon servers available to service the logon request. What is the...
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    How to change these C# statements to

    Thanks for the link Thank you guys for giving me the link. Thanks so much
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    How to change these C# statements to

    public string Username; public string Password; private void OkButton_Click(object sender, System.EventArgs e) { Username = UsernameTextBox.Text; Password = PasswordTextBox.Text; this.DialogResult = DialogResult.OK; this.Hide(); } if( credform.ShowDialog() == DialogResult.OK ) {...
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    Why WSE2.0 hands-on lab examples not working?

    Dear friends, I am a newbie in Web Service Security. Therefore I downloaded the WSE2.0 hands-on lab to learn how to write secure web service. I followed all the steps precisely from the lab manual but it didnt work. Thus I resorted instead to try run the samples given together with the manual...
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    Are there any tutorials to teach me how to create digital signature in web services

    Dear friends, I am a newbie in I am still learning the ropes in the syntax. However, I am given an assignment by my lecturer to create digital signature in web services in Can anyone tell me where I can find tuotrials and step by step guide to create digital signatures in web...
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    How to use XML Digital Signatures for web service Licensing

    Hello friends, I want to create digital signatures to license my web services. However I do not know the method. Can anyone out there guide me on how to integrate digital signature into web services for licensing purposes. If there are sample source codes in plz do send them to me at...
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    How To Limit Only Subscribed Users To Web Methods In Web Service?

    Dear friends, I have been given a task by my lecturer. I have built a simple web service called MathService. This MathService has 3 web methods that are addition, subtraction and multiply. My lecturer wants me to limit the access of this web methods to only subscribed users. This means that if...
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