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    download file

    "The ContentLength property contains the value of the Content-Length header returned with the response. If the Content-Length header is not set in the response, ContentLength is set to the value -1." From the error you are getting, I would say the above applies to: ProgressBar1.Maximum =...
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    database - usernames and passwords, login to program

    This has been answered many times, in many ways. Do a search. Blokz
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    I'm a noob who needs help.....

    Hmm..since it is for a class where I assume you are suppose to be "learning" about programming, don't you think you should at least try first? If you get stuck on something, you can ask for help. How do you expect to learn? Blokz
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    some algorithms or conversion programs needed urgently!!!

    I believe JB is trying to politely tell you that "leet" speak is annoying. You should listen. Blokz
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    Calling the local PC's property on to VB.NET form

    MessageBox.Show(Environment.MachineName) Blokz
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    two-dimensional array

    I too had a hard time using more .NET methods than the old familier FileOpen types from the old VB days. I used a .split function since you advised your text file has the hour values in one line, each line being a day? Maybe I'm assuming too much. Anyway, the following reads the text file, one...
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    getting pwds for a particulat username

    I would think you want to check a particular username for a password, not the other way around. It is quite possible to have several usernames with the same password, but unlikely to have multiple instances of the same username. So, with that in mind, the logic would be like this: 1) Query the...
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    Accessing data in a Data grid grid

    Are you trying to get cell values by clicking in the datagrid? Or are you wishing to get the cell values by some other method? If its by clicking around on the datagrid, you could use the _CurrentCellChanged event of the datagrid (Winform I am assuming) like this: Private Sub...
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    Trying to fire a jscript function when clicking on Checkbox

    There is already a click event for CheckBox. It is the CheckedChanged event. You can always put code here to handle when someone clicks your checkbox. Still, if you want to put an 'onclick' event on the checkbox, you need to add it to the attributes collection for the checkbox. Something like...
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    Copying .exe file from Project

    file.copy(Application.StartupPath & "\", "C:\Program1")
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    After you set the item you want to TRUE, disable the control by setting its .Enabled to FALSE. That should work without any problems. If it still does not, post some code showing what your testing for at page_load and how your setting the selected item. Blokz
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    Checklist box -Please Help

    In your function your return value is boolean? Are you only wanting to know if there are selected values in the CheckBoxList? If so then you should Return True inside your loop. You currently return your boolean value after End Function, which of course won't be seen. If your intention is to...
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    combobox multicolumns

    If you only want col1 to be displayed, but want to use col2 for something else when selected, you could store col2 in the .value property. Blokz
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    Reading in data from a text file

    I would agree. One of the better ways to handle an unknown array size is to use an arraylist. Blokz
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    arraylist reading?

    What kind of error are you getting? Blokz
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