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    Deleting a row in DataGrid from database (help!)

    no thanks, i rather figure it out and learn.
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    Deleting a row in DataGrid from database (help!)

    I'm using a Oledatadapter to fill a dataset and displaying my ms access records via a datagrid. Anybody is familiar on how to 1. Allow a user to select a Datagrid row and click on a button "btnDelete" the row will be deleted from the database? Each row has a unique column called 'ID'. any...
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    Dataview & Relationships

    Question: Do i have to create it for all my related tables? How do i know which is parent, which is child? What do i do after i create the relationships? In summary, if i have 8 tables, i create 8 data-adapters for 8 tables and put all of them into a dataset? Then type 8 times of...
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    problems with multiple related tables on a datagrid

    how do i put person_id into tb1 as a foreign field? ok after i use the select statement in my data adapter, i run 'da.fill(ds)' next how do i put input this dataset 'ds' into my datagrid
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    problems with multiple related tables on a datagrid

    codes Private Sub frmResults_Load(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles MyBase.Load 'da1 is a data adapter that has 2 tables: tb1 & tb2 'i used to drag the oledbdataadapter to select fields using sql query builder 'the datagrid will show eg...
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    problems with multiple related tables on a datagrid

    my datagrid displays a dataset with no problem when it has 2 tables, however when i add more related tables, it doesnt display any values at all, any idea? i'm using the 2003 data adapter to add the tables. after i added the tables, they are displayed out with relationships shown. then i...
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    Datagrid OnClick event to display row's data to another form2

    Hi, I'm using a data adapter 'da1' to fill a dataset 'ds1' which is used to display data in a datagrid 'dg'. How do I code datagrid OnClick event on whichever row the user click on the datagrid, to cause a new form2 to popup with textboxes to display the selected row's data and allow the...
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    Dataview & Relationships

    Hi, How do i input 2 related tables' fields into a dataview which is displayed on a datagrid, choosing the fields (columns) i want to display, anyone knows or have any examples? Table1: ID, Name, Age, Sex, Job Table2: ID, JobName, Salary For example, I created a relationship "Table1Table2"...
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    Updating txtQuantity Textbox in a Repeater

    I created a repeater to display my data inside a dataTable of Session("Cart") however i have a problem. I do not know how to to update the Quantity displayed in a txtQuantity. How do i code a 'btnUpdate' so that it will read the txtQuantity and update each row of item's quantity according...
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    displaying data from MS access .mdb database

    thanks, what if the user is allowed to update the Name, by putting a textbox inside, how can it be updated? <AlternatingItemTemplate> <trbgcolor="lightyellow"> <td><asp:Textbox id=Firstname Text=<%#Container.DataItem("Firstname")%></td> <td><asp:Textbox id=Lastname...
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    Creating Data Relationships between Tables

    I got the relationships setup. however the second listbox doesnt display what i wanted. dataAdapt = New OleDbDataAdapter("SELECT * from Table1", oledbCon) dataAdapt.Fill(Dataset, "Table1") dataAdapt.SelectCommand = New OleDbCommand("SELECT * from Table2", oledbCon) dataAdapt.Fill(Dataset...
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    Creating Data Relationships between Tables

    i have 2 tables tblCustomers and tblTransactions, how do i code a data relationship between them. have created a dataset and data adapter. say their common field is 'ID'. how do ensure also when the data is updated, it is updated into the proper tables.
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    validating a file using OFD

    when my prog tries to open a filedialog to open a .txt file, when it fails to open it eg: when file is open or in used. It crashes, anyway to turn around this. so that it can prompt an error msg when the .txt file is not valid or not of a proper format instead of crashing. also is it somehow...
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    HP bills calculator

    i have finished coding a HP bills calculator that reads the user's mobile hp usage from a .txt file, and displays it on the screen with respect to the plans he subscribed to. i was told to add in an extra function that may give the company a good boost.. any recommendations?
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    Validate USERID convention

    hi, how do i validate a userid to ensure they are 3 uppercase digits followed by 6 digitals, otherwise it will reject it. ABC123456 - OK abc123456 -NOT OK ab12345 -NOT OK 12abc -NOT OK I'm thinking of using substring to test for the 6 digits to ensure it is between 1-999999, not sure if that...
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