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    I need help converting a data field to datetime from a varchar(10)

    Thank you for confirming that it was data error! Wow, after analyzing the data I figured it out! On my forms I was not validating the dates properly, so some how three dates were passed as 02/29/2007, 02/30/2008, which are not valid! I have three textboxes each for MM/DD/YYYY, I guess before I...
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    I need help converting a data field to datetime from a varchar(10)

    I have this statement that I need to execute: DELETE FROM callcenter..tRecipQueue WHERE DATEDIFF(dd, expiration_date, GetDate()) > 368 Of course it doesn't work because expiration_date is a varchar data type, which contains MM/DD/YYYY value. How can I efficiently cast or convert that data, so...
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    RadioListButton inside iFrame need help

    Hello all! I will try to make some sense of this as best as possible. I have a page that contains a form and a few asp controls. I also have an iFrame that points to a simple aspx page with a RadioListButton, which loads images from the server dynamically. what I would like to do is have the...
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    Need help binding RadioButtonList

    If (Not Page.IsPostBack) Then Const IMAGE_DIRECTORY As String = "/homepage/Images/Articles/" 'Dim pics As ArrayList = New ArrayList() Dim s As String, html As String Dim value As String For Each s In Directory.GetFiles(Server.MapPath(IMAGE_DIRECTORY), "*.jpg") html = "<img width=50 height=50...
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    Need help binding RadioButtonList

    Hello all: I am trying to have an array of images in a RadioButtonList, which is working, but I need to set the values (Image file names) to each item within the RadioButtonList, but I am having some difficulties. I have this so far: ASPX: < asp:RadioButtonList ID="radiolist1" runat="server"...
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    How to set focus to a RadioButtonList?

    Any tips on this? I set my control to control1.Focus(), but when the page is posted back, it doesnt set focus? Do I have to use some javascrip?
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    Can you parse in

    Hello: I'm not sure where to start, but I have this problem I ran into: I have a CheckBoxList, which I loop through each item in the list and then send the string value to a table. For Each li In view_description.Items If li.Selected = True Then ListBoxItems = ListBoxItems & li.Value & ","...
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    SqlDataSource control error when trying to sort the data from the grid

    Ok, someone helped me on this issue. It is better to use a placeholder control instead to avoid the child controls.
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    SqlDataSource control error when trying to sort the data from the grid

    Hello: I forgot what to do in a case like this. I have a SqlDataSource control within a label and I want to allow auto sorting, but when I click on the sort link the page comes back with: The SqlDataSource control 'sqlViewIncompleteForms' does not have a naming container. Ensure that the...
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    SqlDataSource control error

    Fixed, I removed visible=false off the controls and cleaned up the vb code.
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    SqlDataSource control error

    Ok, I figured it out, sloppy coding, I don't need this as is: <asp:SqlDataSource ID="sqlGetMLSByCity" runat="server" ProviderName="System.Data.SqlClient" ConnectionString="<%$ AppSettings:connectionstring %>"> <SelectParameters> <asp:ControlParameter ControlID="outside_assoc_cities"...
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    SqlDataSource control error

    Hello: I am having a little issue with an error that is frustrating me. I have a SqlDataSource within an asp:label control and also have a two dropdownlists inside that asp:label control also. When I select from the first dropdownlist, it should enable the second dropdownlist with the populated...
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    Need help with this type or error: Incorrect syntax near ')'.

    Hello: Normally when you received this message is it coming from the db, or the code itself? Codebehind: Sub Calendar1_DayRender(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As DayRenderEventArgs) 'Dim calid As Integer = CInt(Page.Request.QueryString("calid")) Dim calid As String = 0 If...
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    PostBackUrl to a new window?

    I am having some difficulties with this. I read somewhere to use this: OnClientClick="window.document.forms[0].target='_blank';" PostBackUrl = "/_MembersOnly/MemberProfile/EditProfileRedirect.asp" which works great, but when I close EditProfileRedirect.asp and then click on another link on...
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    Sharing session values from page to classic asp page?

    Hello all! I am in a delima here. I have a membersonly section that our users log into. I am passing a tokenkey to verify the session and to prevent others from hacking, sharing, ect info. I am setting the tokenkey to a session.item("sesTokenKey") in the codebehind. Now we created a page in...
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