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    Huge References problem

    references not components. the application works fine if the users have installed the crystal reports. if not it gives a fatal exception...
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    Huge References problem

    I use crystal reports to show the information in my application. no problem with that... but one of the end-users don't have crystal report installed so he can't see the reports. i know some programs don't need the crystall reports to be installed to see the reports. wich references...
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    problem in insert instruction

    yeah and also: sql = "INSERT INTO users ('login','password','type') VALUES ('1','1',1) sql = "INSERT INTO [users] ('login','password','type') VALUES ('1','1',1) sql = "INSERT INTO users (login,password,type) VALUES ('1','1',1) but at the end i made it: sql = "INSERT INTO...
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    problem in insert instruction

    the error is in [pt] in [en] it would be something like: syntax error in the INSERT INTO instruction...
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    problem in insert instruction

    it still gives me the same error. i´m using to insert the values into the table using Microsoft Jet 4.0 Provider the user has full access to the database and in the access he can add the rows... the problem is, and i don't know why, in the sql statement even when i try sql =...
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    problem in insert instruction

    i have a table in MS Access 'users' that table have these fields: id (auto-increment) login (text) password (text) type (number) when i try to insert a new row into the table : Dim sql As String sql = "INSERT INTO users (login,password,type) VALUES ('" + Me.txt_name.Text + "','" +...
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    MS Access DB Question

    try : Dim conn As OleDbConnection = New OleDbConnection(" Data Source='C:\xxx\xxxx.mdb';Jet OLEDB:Engine Type=5;Jet OLEDB:Global Bulk Transactions=1;Provider='Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0';Extended Properties=;Mode=Share Deny None;Jet OLEDB:New Database Password=;Jet OLEDB:Create System...
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    SQL select problem

    sql statement is you want to compare 2 tables (modules, mosduleocc) you have to compare their fields (they must have the same type) tables : modules, moduleocc fields : module sql : SELECT modules.modules FROM module, moduleocc.modules WHERE modules.modules<>moduleocc.modules.
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    Menu bar

    i want to build a menu bar that could be able to adapt to the language defined by the user, :eek: , have 2 diferent languages so the user can choose between them: EN :->...File........Edit......(...)...Help :confused: SP:_> ...Archivo...Editar...(...)...Ayuda :confused: (...) the error...
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