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    why it is incorrect

    hello i wanna know that why this SQL command in incorrect select * from mydb where field1 like "A*" thank you
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    agent programming

    hello is there any example of agent programming
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    use in

    if i should convert it to dll ehat is diffrence between .net and other language
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    hello what is diffrence between dim i as string AND dim i as string() thank you
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    can you explain more what is WMI
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    use in

    one what about wheter they where one language i refrence a project with another but i cnnot use it public procedure why
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    how can i use assemmbly in my program of
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    how can i find my cpu family in
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    use in

    hello i have a code of visual and i wanna to use in but when i add the program this item it cannot identify the variables how can i do this
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