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    How Can I Run 2 Web Applications on 1 Web Hosting Space

    Hi Guys, Here's my situation. My web hosting is with fasthosts. I have one web application which is built in VS2017 and published directly to the root (HTDOCS), all works fine. I also now have another WebApp, I have now setup a subdomain which points to the a folder in the HTDOCS directory...
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    How to get a value from dropdownlist

    Cheers, I finally figured it out, it was the autopostback that was creating an issue. All sorted now. Thanks,
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    How to get a value from dropdownlist

    Hi All, I have populated a dropdown list with results from my SQL database and then added an additional entry called 'New Date' which sits as the top value in the list. My issue is that when I select a value in the dropdown list it only ever appears to pull the value 'New Date' instead of the...
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