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    Custom Event (is it possible!)

    I don't know if this is even possible, but let me throw this at you anyways. Maybe you guys can figure something out. I have a Public variable (bool) and I want it to raise an event anytime its value is changed. I googled this issue but couldn't find anything useful. Any thoughts? Thanks...
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    DataTable and Serialization

    Thanks for replying! I tried serializing datatables directly and it appears to work. haven't tried deserializing yet, but hoping that it would work also. Thanks once again for your help!
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    DataTable and Serialization

    DataTable and Serialization [Resolved] I have couple of DataTables that I would like to Serialize and save them to disk. In addition to these, I also have 3 custom serializable classes. What I would like to know is, how to proceed in saving these objects and Datatables to disk. I can save the...
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    MDI Form with Single Child Instance??

    Hi, Following is how my application is setup: - MDI Parent (contains Main Menu) --- Project Form (NEW/OPEN) ----- Rest of the Forms User can Open or create a new project from the MDI's File Menu but I want only one Instance of Project Form at any given time. How can I close the existing...
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