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    Broadcast message to all clients

    hi, I'm trying to develop a pgm that broadcasts the message to all clients except to the sender. At present , every client is talking to the server and get the reply back. i'm using TCP/IP Protocol. Develop. Env. :VS2003. How to implement broadcasting feature? If anybody knows the related...
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    Deployment Error:"COM Object with CLSID {...} is either not valid or not registered"

    Deployment Error:"COM Object with CLSID {...} is either not valid or not registered" Hi, I developed an VB.NET Application that make use of microsoft EXCEL PIAs. (VS2003) It works fine in the development environment which has MS EXCEL. But actually target machine don't have MS EXCEL. When...
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    sort datatable and write as xml

    Hi, How to sort the datatable and write it as XML File. I know that, datatable can be sorted using view and bind to datagrid and dataset1.writexml() is used to write data in XML format. But i need to write sorted data into XML file. Meaning that, need to sort the datatable in the dataset and...
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    Invalid table number

    Hi, I developed my apps in vs 2003 . my apps utilizes crystal report. In my PC it's working well. I've SQL 2000 database. Now i'm facing problem when i deploy the apps in client PC. It has SQL express 2005. When i open crystal report from client machine, it gives me invalid table number. how...
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    catch empty list using SQL query

    Hi, I'm trying check the records which satisfies the following condn. select @p1 = su1 from RER where (no=10 and atp ='N') It returns empty list . bcos no match found.that's ok. But i need to write the logic if record is not there. i tried to do as follows if ((@p1 =null) or (p1=' ')) ...some...
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    vertical scroll bar in listbox

    Got it. Just automatic.
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    non rectangular buttons

    hi, How to create non rectangular buttons (elliptic or round) in .NET CF? In windows, I used Graphicspath. Any ideas? Thks!
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    GUI Design

    Hi, Thks for ur response. If i do the image in photoshop, just i can add the image as a backgrond image . Right? What abt round buttons and labels..? GDI+ ---> i don't have any idea. let me see it. Thank U!
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    GUI Design

    Hi, I want to design the GUI for VB.NET windows apps somewhat like windows media player design .I don't want to use regular rectangular patterns. How to design an attractive GUI in VB.NET (VS 2003)? Any Ideas? If anyone knows related links, kindly share with me. Thank You!
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    vertical scroll bar in listbox

    hi, how to add vertical scroll bar in listbox in CF environment? Env : VS 2003 - .NET 1.1 Thanks!
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    WriteXML issue

    hi, I'm facing a strange pbm while converting excel file to xml. If excel file has decimal datas, then some of the decimal datas will be appeared in converted xml file as shown below <?xml version="1.0" standalone="yes"?> <NewDataSet> <Attendance> <Mas>M</Mas> <CustG>X</CustG> <PT>0</PT>...
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    upload pdf file into sql table

    Thanks for ur reply. I've gone thro'the example. quite good. It partially satisfies my requirement. Pdf file may have 4 columns of data. for example, custID, Custname,Address,tel 12,xxxxxxxxxx,yyyyyy,5425456 13,rttttttttt,uuuuuu,8679879 how to load this...
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    upload pdf file into sql table

    hi, How to load a pdf file data into sql table programmatically (using VB.NET) Any ideas? Thank You.
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    Need third party controls

    Hi, I'm looking for some third party controls (especially buttons) for CF. Any idea? If anyone knows the link ,kindly forward me. If u used it before, kindly suggest me a good one. I'm using VS2003. Thank You!
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    how to find serial buffer is empty?

    hi, I'm using the following read method to get the data from serial device. Public Function Read() As Byte Dim rd As Integer Dim ovl As New OVERLAPPED Dim dt As Byte() dt = Array.CreateInstance(GetType(Byte), 1) 'Initialize the buffer If Opened = True Then ReadFile(hPort, dt, 1, rd...
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