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    can i use HttpContext in dll...?

    hi all, i m deveolping an application. in that i m using some dll created by myself. plz tell me one thing ...that i created dynamically html control in web page and i want to access the value of that control in dll file. for that i hav used HttpContext object....plz tell me ....should i...
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    How to manage the session state outside the application

    Hello Dear, i m facing some problem with my web application (developing in ASP.Net). i want to manage the session even after i closed the application on client if any client 'ABC' open my web application 'XYZ' then after some time when clent 'ABC' close the browser ie Application 'XYZ'...
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    plz help me to solve this problem

    hello dear, i am learning component development in C#.i create my own class library with name HelloWorld.Dll. in this, i create a class MyComponet. i am using it in window based application in C#. by including all rererences System.EnterpriseServices and Dll file. but when i create new object of...
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