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    keeping bolded dates bolded

    we're using a month calendar in and we're having trouble in maintaining bolded dates after running the program. whenever we reload the program, the bolded dates we marked simply disappears. a little help please? thnx...
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    How to create a search bar and retrieve info from database

    does anyone know some codes in searching using database?
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    thanks for the suggestion, neal! but there's only one problem... we ain't got cash and we need the codes we badly need your help, folks. kindly spare us some codes T_T
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    Highlighting multiple days in a calendar based on files in a directory

    uhmm excuse me but can i have a sample code about this topic im currently working on an application that needs to utilize the same calendar control. ty in adv!!
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    Adding new objects using another form

    say i want to add new labels to form2 using form1. anyone got an idea how i can do this?
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    we are currently developing a scheduler or appointment maker application. we would like to have some assistance from the pros. the application is like an organizer where days of the week and of the month are seen. everytime you click a certain date you can view appointments for that specific...
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    scheduler already made! here's a more specific question! how can you make a scheduler that is viewed in a weekly basis?
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    n00b question! how can you make one?
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    Running applications on VB.NET

    follow-up question: can i run/launch the external application w/o it having to pop-up? what i mean is it will appear in the same form where i made my button that runs it.
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    Running applications on VB.NET

    thanks Raven65!
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    Running applications on VB.NET

    is it possible to run external applications (e.g. ms paint) in VB.Net?
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