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    Issues with Zip File

    Note to those that download the Manage file in thread Once the zip file is unzipped, change the file extension of the unzipped file to *.zip. In other words the...
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    How to ‘bind’ a textbox and dataobject property.

    Experience: Beginner Vb.NETer ( But experience programmer) Version: 2005 .Net Warning: I am most likely mis-using the terms binding etc, so please take what I am saying with a grain of salt. Also I have simplified the situation greatly to highlight the issue. I want to bind a textbox on a...
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    Looking for a Method when a UI Object is first run.

    What I am looking for is a method that only executes when a UI Object ( Combobox, TextBox etc. ) is first ‘shown’ to the user at runtime, and does not run at design time. NEW for example does not work because it seems to execute as soon as I drag my subclassed ComboBox onto a form. It ( The...
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    How to visually subclass a combo box.

    I swear for awhile it was not there ( the show all button ) or at least the tool tip was not, anyhow I'm off and running....:)
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    How to visually subclass a combo box.

    First of all Thanks! that does it. The key for me was the line #2 "Click 'Show all files' in Solution Explorer, click..." At first I did know what you meant. I did not see any 'Show all files", but some clicking here, a hokey-pokey there and sure enough I was able to see the 'Show all...
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    101 Visual Basic .NET Code Samples

    I appreciate the link!
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    How to visually subclass a combo box.

    First of all I am a beginner programmer (VB 2005 ) I want to visually subclass a combo box. I know how to subclass via code but my question is how to do with visually? Want I mean is I want an icon to appear in the toolbox so that I can drag my subclass combo box onto a form. When...
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    Buttons do not refresh until end of game, How to fix

    Thanks for the suggestions ( I have been away from the project for a while, hence my delay in the response). The key for me was calling the form's refresh method. I was calling invalidate ( what an odd method name ) etc., but missed the simple refresh. Thanks again Anthony
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    Buttons do not refresh until end of game, How to fix

    As I am a first time poster allow me to give you some information: I have been developing for hire since 1982, but have only seriously working with .Net for a few months, and only half that time with VB.Net. The project that I am now working on is a ‘super’ tick-tack-toe game. (Heck I had to...
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