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    I got this error message "Err.LastDllError:124" when using API function "AddForm". Can somebody tell me the meaning of that error message is? I would like to see the correct code for using API function "AddForm" in VB.NET too. Thx 4 u'r attention
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    How to create a custom form for printer?

    Option Explicit Private Sub Command1_Click() Dim FormName As String FormName = "MyCustomForm" ' Use special, user-defined form. UseForm FormName End Sub Private Sub Command2_Click() Dim FormName As String ' Get FormName from the ListBox. On Error GoTo ListBoxERR ' Trap for no selection...
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    How to create a custom form for printer?

    Hi, Can we create a custom form then put it to printer.? I have an application that needs to print a document to a custom paper size. My plan is to make another application to create a custom form(contain the custom papersize) to the local printer, so my first application can use the custom form...
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